When is the release date for Madden 23?

Get ready to enter the gridiron for a new year.

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The 2021 NFL season is well behind us, but that doesn’t mean we can’t look forward to next year. Every fall brings a new start for 32 NFL teams, and the Madden game franchise. Madden 23 is expected to be a big one for the franchise, for a number of reasons. But, you might be wondering when exactly will the latest game in the franchise will be released. Thanks to EA, we now have some answers to that specific question.

On June 2, EA Sports officially released the first gameplay trailer for Madden 23. In it, EA highlighted how the latest installment of the franchise will pay tribute for John Madden, and the new Fieldsense gameplay system. This new system will bring in a new way of playing Madden, thanks to improved animation-based technology, new mechanics that improve how players move while handing the ball, and a refined passing system. Additionally, Face of the Franchise and Franchise mode will also see improvements, per EA.

Electronic Arts also confirmed when Madden 23 will launch on consoles. Madden 23 will go live on August 19 for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5, and PC.

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Individuals who own EA Play will also be eligible to partake in 10-hour trial of Madden 23. This amount of time is right on par with what EA has given subscribers in the past. EA Play users will be able to access the latest version of the Madden franchise three days before its worldwide release.

This release date is right on par with the precedent that EA Sports has set with the Madden franchise over the past few years. Aside from Madden 20, every Madden game that has released over the past 10 years has launched during August. That won’t change for Madden 23.