Madden 23 to receive new gameplay system, game set to launch in August

A first look at Madden 23 and Fieldsense.

Image via EA Sports YouTube

One day after EA Sports officially confirmed that the late John Madden would be making a return to the cover of the iconic gaming franchise, Madden 23 received its first gameplay trailer. The new trailer highlighted the changes coming to the Madden franchise, and put the new Fieldsense gameplay system at the front stage. We also now know the release date for Madden 23, as this year’s title is set to go live this coming August.

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Fieldsense was one of the key highlights of the first trailer. EA has stated that this new system will leverage ” animation branching technology” to deliver a realistic gameplay experience on the Madden 23 gridiron. This new system will change the physical interactions that the players deal with it on the field.

This new gameplay system will also introduce users to what is now known as 360 Cuts. 360 Cuts will give players the ability to change directions with ease while handling the ball. Additionally, Madden 23 will see the introduction of Skill Based Passing, a tuned passing mechanic that per EA, will give users the power to throw the ball exactly in the right place, and with exactly the right power.

Electronic Arts has noted that Fieldsense will only be available on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, and not for old-gen consoles, nor PC. You can check out the official reveal trailer for Madden 23 down below.

In addition to Fieldsense, EA confirmed that Madden 23 will include new updates to Franchise mode, including Scouting improvements and new Free Agency and Contract enhancements. Player types and visuals, per EA, have been built from the ground up, and hundreds of new player likeness scans have also been added into the new title. Additionally, Face of the Franchise will return, albeit in a re-branded fashion. Face of the Franchise: The League will allow users to choose from one of five different positions, including the cornerback position.

Even though Madden 23’s Fieldsense system won’t be available for those who only own old-gen consoles and/or PC, the PS4 and Xbox One will receive a version of the game. Madden 23 will be launch worldwide on August 19, with a 10-hour trial on EA Sports launching on August 16.