When is the release date for Ravenbound?

That which kills you only makes you stranger.


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Ravenbound is an open world action-roguelite inspired by Scandinavian folk tales. The dark world of Ávalt can only be conquered by those with a special ability. This guide outlines when you can use this power to transform into a raven when Ravenbound releases, so you can clear your schedule.

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When does Ravenbound release?

Ravenbound will be released for PC on Steam on March 30. The game will be available exclusively on PC, so you can’t get it on console. Developer Avalanche Studios has made it clear that it’s working to produce a quality version of the game for PC and currently has no plans to bring it to other platforms. While this is the case at the time of writing, things can change, and there may one day be a console version of Ravenbound, but it won’t launch alongside the PC version.

What do you do in Ravenbound?

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In Ravenbound, you play as a Vessel. Within you is the Raven, a power forged by the gods to help destroy all the darkness in the lands. Monsters threaten your existence, and you will die over and over as you fight them in the open world. However, death won’t stop you. When you die, you’ll restart and can take on your foes once more. The power of the Raven allows you to transform into a raven and fly between major areas to clear out groups of enemies and tough bosses.

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The monsters in Ravenbound are all influenced by Scandinavian folk tales. This creates an air of mystery as you travel. You’ll be able to customize your character with armor and weapons as you find and earn them from enemies. The deckbuilding mechanic allows you to rework your build, including powers, as you progress. Each run will teach you something new about the world and unlock more cards for you to use in subsequent attempts.

The aim of the game is to grow in power through multiple runs until you can craft a Vessel strong enough to rid the world of the darkness that plagues it. This won’t be easy, but by the end of the game, you’ll feel as though you’ve mastered every threat and nothing can stand in your way.