When is the release date for Scars Above? Answered

It’s a pun on Stars Above.

Image via Prime Matter Games

Gamescom 2022 gave viewers a new look at Prime Matter’s upcoming horror sci-fi game Scars Above. The new trailer gives players glimpses of the game’s story, ending with what consoles the game will be launching. However, did the Gamescom world premiere trailer reveal a release window for Scars Above as well?

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When is Scars Above release date?

The trailer did not share a release date for Scars Above, only mentioning the game is “coming soon” for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. Interestingly, the trailer didn’t reveal that the game is coming to the Xbox One. If you only own an Xbox One, you may not be able to play Scars Above when it launches.

The trailer shows a mysterious structure floating above the Earth. A group of Earth explorers decided to travel to the structure to investigate what it could be. The explorers crash land and get separated. They are confronted by strange, monstrous creatures that attack them indiscriminately. The game feature a mixture of first-person shooter, exploration, and survival horror. The overall aesthetics and atmosphere of the game seem to be inspired heavily by other sci-fi horror titles like the Alien franchise and John Carpenter’s The Thing.

Scars Above is being published by Prime Matter and developed by Mad Head Games. Mad Head Games is a small video game studio based in Serbia that’s teaming up with Prime Matter and Prime Matter’s parent studio Koch Media to help create Scars Above. Scars Above will be Mad Head’s first major title developed for modern consoles. The studio has one other game in the pipeline that has yet to receive a name, but the company’s website claims it is supposedly based on a famous horror film IP. Scars Above is part of Koch Media’s push to make Prime Matter a new premium gaming label.