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When is the closed beta for The Outlast Trials? Closed beta dates

Cry from terror with your friends.

Outlast has done well as a franchise by scaring the pants off of players, and developer Red Barrels looks to continue that history with the upcoming horror title, The Outlast Trials. With four players attempting to survive the sadism of the Murkoff Corporation, the newest Outlast title appears to be vying for a space in the burgeoning co-operative horror genre with an upcoming closed beta.

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The genre has been exploding with indie titles as of late: Phasmophobia gained massive popularity with its social-horror gameplay, following on the coattails of casual-horror titles such as Hello Neighbor and even Roblox titles that tinkered with the concept. Now that a bigger studio is stepping into the space, it’s time to not only take the genre more seriously, but gamers of all reaches are now wanting to get into the experience as quickly as possible.

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Closed beta dates for The Outlast Trials

The Outlast Trials will be entering a closed beta just in time for Halloween this year, from October 28 to November 1. From dentists to carnivals, this title has up to four players working to survive a horrifying experience set deep in the Cold War with gore, atmosphere, and absolute terror waiting around every corner.

It’s worth noting that the intentional term used by Red Barrels, closed beta, means that it’s limited to a select group of consumers. Typically, this implies that the beta will only be open for those willing to take a chance on a pre-order of the title before seeing the final product — a gamble that has frustrated gamers in the past, regardless of the pedigree of the studio.

Still, Red Barrels has managed time and again to horrify even the most jaded fear-lover among us, and it’s admittedly a difficult prospect to simply snub the opportunity to, as the Steam store page notes, ‘shit your pants in good company.’ When this title will experience its full release is not currently known, and the developer has also not stated the platforms available for this experience aside from Steam.

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