When is the release date for TRON: Identity?

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TRON: Identity is a visual novel in the TRON franchise that packs in narrative choices and many Identity Disc puzzles for you to solve, far from what you’d expect based on the fast-paced movies. This guide explains when TRON: Identity will be released, giving you an indication of when you’ll need to book a few days off to solve the hardest puzzles it has.

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What is the release date of TRON: Identity?

TRON: Identity will be released on April 11 for PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch. At the time of writing, we’re unsure if the game will come to other platforms. The visual novel style and detective and puzzle mechanics make it a perfect fit for Nintendo’s handheld device and any PC or Steam Deck users. It certainly looks like a game designed to keep you engaged during long commutes or while you’re out and about.

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The story of TRON: Identity revolves around an unused Grid that’s been forgotten by its creator. Over time, it’s evolved, and now an unprecedented crime has taken place. Following a break-in, it’s down to you to discover who committed the crime and what was taken so you can save this world. Players take on the role of Query, a detective program designed to solve this mystery. The world is filled with whispered knowledge and built on unstable foundations, all of which make for a setting where not everything is what it seems. You’ll find the same is true about the inhabitants as you speak to each one and unravel what truly happened.

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The game has been developed by Bithell Games, the same developer behind Thomas Was Alone, Volume, Subsurface Circular, and Quarantine Circular. These are some of the most noteworthy visual novel-style games of recent memory, and it looks like TRON: Identity will be no exception. With an official license from Disney, this game will also be a canon part of the wider franchise, expanding on the established universe for fans who want more of it in any form. Considering the game can run on Nintendo Switch, it also doesn’t require an incredibly powerful PC, so almost anyone that wants to should be able to run it.