When is the release date for Where Winds Meet?

It may soon be time to sharpen your sword.

Image via The Game Awards on YouTube

The open-world historical fiction title Where Winds Meet has turned more than a few heads, with the reveal trailer invoking some comparisons to Ghost of Tsushima. Taking place during the medieval times of ancient China, where control was a fleeting concept vied for by five dynasties and ten kingdoms, Where Winds Meet brings with it a heft of promise from the trailer alone.

Horseback riding, aerobatic archery, and locking horns with mythological figures all appear in spades during the flashy trailer. One question remains unanswered, however: when can we expect to get our mitts on Where Winds Meet?

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When is the release date of Where Winds Meet?

Currently, there is no release date available for Where Winds Meet. Further, even figuring out what platforms the title is currently slated to arrive on is an enigma unto itself. With the game effectively being showcased only by a trailer, discovering anything about this title aside from the trailer itself is difficult.

It should be noted that the developer of Where Winds Meet, Everstone Games, is relatively untested in terms of development. The trailer attested to this — appearing choppy and unpolished at times, while stunning and marvelous the next. With this in mind, it’s likely that this title won’t be seen further until a bit later in the future.

Various martial arts are prevalent in the title, from orthodox to impractical: Tai chi is displayed alongside running on water and aerial acrobatics that the Chinese film industry is known for. Where Winds Meet seems to follow the Wuxia genre, where heroes of Chinese history are given powers such as massive leaps and magic-like abilities.

Players appear to be able to eschew the warrior role in Where Winds Meet, however, and that’s where the title plucks an interesting chord. Gamers can reportedly elect to play as a merchant or doctor, or simply wander the lands of ancient China as they see fit.