When is the release date of Gunbrella?

Know when you can battle through this noir adventure.


Image via Devolver Digital’s YouTube channel

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Gunbrella is a noir-punk side-scrolling action adventure game set in a unique world. It gives players control over a protagonist whose primary weapon is a modified umbrella that allows them to attack enemies, defend themselves, and keep dry in the rain. This guide outlines Gunbrella’s release date so you know when to expect it.

When does Gunbrella come out?

At the time of writing, the only release window we have for Gunbrella is 2023. The game was revealed during the May 2022 Nintendo Indie World Showcase, and, so far, that’s the only time it’s been shown. The game is coming to both PC and Nintendo Switch, and both versions will likely release simultaneously, based on how past titles that have come to both platforms have launched.

In Gunbrella, players will shoot their way through enemies as they explore a world that seems to be on the cusp of a technological revolution. Trains travel between major settlements where people work in sophisticated steampunk mines to drag up essential resources. It’s unclear who players will fight in the game, but they appear to be bandits of some sort that could be after a quick payday. Whether enemies also use weaponized variations of everyday objects isn’t known, but we’d wager at least one boss will.

The primary weapon, a Gunbrella, can fire bullets, shield the user from incoming fire, and even help players jump higher and float through the sky to solve complex platforming puzzles. This weapon can be upgraded to open up more routes and options as the game progresses. It’s not clear if these upgrades will be required to kill specific types of enemies or bosses or be purely linked to traversal. A colorful cast of characters adds flavor to the world as players explore it, uncovering new factions who all have a stake in the world that makes it come alive in new ways.