When is Update 1.19 coming to Minecraft?

It’s on the way.

Image via Mojang

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Minecraft’s update 1.19 is a highly anticipated arrival for the game. Because of several elements that were supposed to come in 1.18 were delayed, many players are looking forward to them actually being available. While it is understandable that Mojang is still playing catch up with development after the pandemic, many players are still going to be eager to give the new content a try. Here is when you can expect update 1.19 to come to Minecraft.

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The Minecraft 1.19 update does not have a hard release date as of yet. With that being said, we do know it is expected to come sometime this year. When that update lands, the game will have the Warden, Deep Dark Biome, and elements of the Wild update, including Frogs, added to the game.

While it may be disappointing to have to wait for so long to play with these new features, you technically can see some of the early content by entering the Experimental Snapshot. You can do this on Bedrock Edition by toggling the Experimental switch when creating the world, or in Java, you can download the files for PC on this blog page talking about the Snapshot. Just keep in mind, that this version of the game is unfinished and you can encounter plenty of bugs.