What do Frogs eat in Minecraft?

If they like it, they like it.

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It’s a well-known fact that frogs in real life love eating bugs. That being said, the only bug that appears in Minecraft that a Frog would normally eat is the gigantic Spider mobs. These guys are a bit too big for the small Frogs that appear in-game. While seeing a tiny Frog completely swallow a gigantic Spider might be something some people would like to see, it is not currently doable in the game. With this in mind, what do Frogs eat in Minecraft?

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Who do Frogs eat in Minecraft?

There are a couple of things that Frogs will eat in Minecraft, but only one item that you can actually give to them. If you are looking to spawn Tadpoles and grow some Frogs, you can feed them Slimeballs. This will make any nearby Frogs follow you, like if you were holding food for a Wolf, Cow, Sheep, etc. By doing this, you can direct them anywhere you want them to go if you do not have a Lead on you. They will blindly follow the Seagrass until you either drop it or switch to another item into your hand.

On the more unique side, Frogs also eat small Slime and Magma Cube mobs. If you see a large glob of either of these enemies, attack them until they split into their smaller forms. If a frog is nearby, it will stick out its tongue and eat them.

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Doing this will cause Froglights to drop from Magma Cubes or a guaranteed Slimeball from a Slime, so if you lead some Frogs to an area where Slime consistently spawn, you can have an influx of Slimeballs in your future.