When is Xingqiu’s birthday in Genshin Impact?

It’s Xingqiu’s birthday today.

Image by Mihoyo.

In Genshin Impact, all the playable characters have a birthday that provides special rewards for travelers over the course of the year. Xingqiu’s, everyone’s favorite bookwarm, falls on October 9.

The birthday mail contains a written letter by Xingqiu, as well as some special rewards delivered by him. You’ll get 10 Silk Flowers, and 1 All-Delicacy Parcel simply by opening the game and checking your mail. The All-Delicacy Parcel is a dish that restores 26% of Max HP to the selected character and regenerates 570 HP every 5 seconds for 30 seconds.

miHoYo also released some official birthday art on HoYoLab, alongside a small character short that shows Xingqiu, Paimon, and Traveler hanging out together.

Image by Mihoyo.

Xingqiu’s Birthday Letter

Do you remember what day it is today?

If you can’t recall, this snack can be a clue. Maybe you can remember when you see it.

To surprise you with a new flavor, I have spent a long time improving the formula. Please have a taste.

*sigh*… I wanted to hide this letter at the bottom of the snack box but feared that you might miss it. It would be a shame if you had.

I’ll treat you to some fish next time. When the time comes, you have to keep an eye on it. Maybe there will be something hidden in the fish’s belly.

Besides, I read an interesting article recently. It wrote that there was a righteous golden-haired traveler who did a lot of great deeds in many places in the world and drew many compliments from many people. The content of this article is true, but whether it’s exaggerated… I’ll wait for you to come and judge for yourself.

I will be waiting for you on the rooftop tonight.