When will A Total War Saga: Troy have multiplayer?

Will you control Greece with a friend or pit yourself against them?


A Total War Saga: Troy takes players back to the furthest point in history that the Total War series has gone and focuses on the 20-year war between Troy and Greece. It’s an epic turn-based campaign where you pick from one of eight playable heroes and command an army to become the strongest faction standing. The other Total War titles have had multiplayer, but Troy will not have this feature at launch. It is coming at a later date.

Creative Assembly, the developers behind Troy, have a roadmap displayed on a developer blog detailing the rest of 2020 following the game’s release on August 13. The roadmap details that the multiplayer launch will happen in November. The exact date for that launch was not listed. You just have to wait three months following the game’s release to jump into it with a friend to play competitively or with each other. It’s unfortunate to see it won’t be readily available on day one.

When publisher Sega announced A Total War Saga: Troy release date to be August 13 on June 2, they also shared it would be an Epic Games Store exclusive. It would not become available to Steam until some time in 2021. We mention this because Troy’s multiplayer will not feature crossplay support. Epic Games Store players cannot play with those on Steam. 

It’s a shame, and it divides the community in the long term. It might be because Epic Game members may have had it for several months before anyone on Steam, but it still feels like a lost opportunity to keep the game alive.

The crossplay problem could change in the future. Still, don’t hold your breath because Creative Assembly has shown no sign in altering its choice.