When will Kiriko be available in ranked in Overwatch 2?

Watch out for Kiriko in any upcoming matches.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Kiriko is a hero who arrived at Overwatch 2 when the game initially launched. They were made available in the Season 1 Battle Pass, which players purchase immediately by buying the Premium version, or they could reach level 55 on the standard track and unlock her for free. She’s a notable support character and might become an instant favorite to some. If you plan to use Kiriko in competitive matches, when can you use her in ranked Overwatch 2 matches?

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Can you use Kiriko in ranked Overwatch 2 games?

Originally, it was believed Kiriko would only be available at the end of the first season. However, this is not the case, and she is available to use on October 18, and moving forward. You can now use Kiriko whenever you join a ranked game in Overwatch 2, allowing you to use your new favorite Support character against your foes.

This pattern will occur for every new character introduced to Overwatch 2. The heroes that release to the game will happen alongside the larger season and will be a reward on the Battle Pass. Although you can purchase the character immediately and start using them in casual games by buying the Premium version, the characters are available to everyone who downloads Overwatch 2, so long as you reach level 55 on the relevant Battle Pass for that character.

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We’re glad we can now use Kiriko in the competitive mode. It’s always good to see more characters added to the roster, especially now everyone likely has had a chance to use her, many now have access to her, and the development team can see how she’s been performing in the general matches. How she’s going to be used by the more competitive players might be a different story, though.