Where are Don Yates’ car keys in Mendoza in Hitman 3?

We gotta go fast!

Exfiltrating a Hitman 3 mission is just as important of a factor as the rest of the mission. Not only do you need to get yourself out of the mission alive, but you need to find a proper way to escape. In some cases, you need to find a particular item hidden somewhere in the map to allow you to leave. The Mendoza level has this with Don Yates’ car. While parked directly in front of his villa, you will not be able to leave without the keys, even though we suspect Agent 47 knows how to hotwire a vehicle. Here is how to find Don Yates’ car keys in Mendoza in Hitman 3.

Before you can leave, you need to take out the two targets in Mendoza, but you can grab the keys in the villa’s bedroom before then. If you plan to leave via Yates’ car, we recommend killing Vidal first and then Yates, so you have much less travel required between points. If you go about the Notes of Hemlock challenge, you can easily eliminate her and have a server disguise ready for the next part.

You will need a disguise to get past the guards and into the villa. For an easy disguise, we recommend the server, who is off on his own to the right of the right stairway up to the villa from the Asado if you did not start the level as a server in the Taste Room. Knock him out and dump the body in the flower bed directly behind him.

In your server disguise, walk up the stairs and let the guard frisk you, so you are allowed in. Now you can walk freely in the villa’s front area, but will need to get a mercenary disguise to walk anywhere in the villa without risk of being shot. There is an easy mercenary to subdue near the front door. Make sure to drag his body somewhere it will not be detected, though.

Go about killing Don Yates whichever way you want (we have covered the Domestic Disturbance challenge if you want the wife to do it). When that is done, make your way to the bedroom on the top floor of the villa. With the mercenary outfit, you are free to walk here. Find the side table between the bed and the bathroom door, and you can pick up the car keys.

Go out the front door, and you can interact with Don Yates’ car to finish the mission and complete the Grand Theft Auto challenge and earn 1,000 master experience points for Mendoza.