How to complete the Domestic Disturbance challenge in Hitman 3

Why pull out an assassination when the wife can do the job?

Marital problems are always ugly, but in Hitman 3, they are deadly. In the Mendoza level, Agent 47 sets out to take down Don Yates, a man in the position to be named the next Constant of Providence. However, after finding some dirt on the target, Agent 47 can let Yates’ wife eliminate his husband for him. Here is how you complete the Domestic Disturbance challenge in Hitman 3.

The first thing you need to do is retrieve some files from a safe in Yates’ villa basement. If you have already completed the Closing Statement story mission, you can access this via the shortcut in the villa’s backyard, or you can get the basement key from the bedroom upstairs.

When you get into the basement, find the wall safe between the wine racks and input the code 2006 to open it. This will award you with the Scandal challenge. Grab the files inside and go back upstairs.

You need to find Mrs. Yates and talk to her. She will outreach her hand, so give her the files. If you want to, you can walk away and do whatever you want since your job is done, but here is what happens after.

She will take the file upstairs and read it, finding out that her husband released information that ruined her career. She will then storm out to the balcony until Yates comes out and talks to her. During their argument, she will push Yates off the balcony, he will die, and you will earn the challenge Domestic Disturbance.