Where are the hearse keys in Dartmoor in Hitman 3?

This party is dead. I’m out of here.

After completing your mission in a Hitman 3 level, the last step you need to take is to exfiltrate the area. While you always have an easier path to escape the site, that’s not as fun as stealing a vehicle in the area and driving out from under everyone’s nose. In the Dartmoor level, you can steal a hearse that has arrived to fill as a coverup for the fake funeral of Alexa or to pick up the recently deceased Zachary. Here is how you can escape Dartmoor in the hearse in Hitman 3.

Before you can leave the Dartmoor level, you need to eliminate Alexa Carlisle and find the case file on Arthur Edwards. We have covered various ways to kill Carlisle, including the Her Final Resting Place story mission and letting Emma poison her, amongst other methods. To get the case file, you can learn how to open her safe or find the bank tokens to bypass that part of the level entirely.

When you check off both requirements for the level, it is time to find our hearse. If you go out the manor’s front door and turn right, you will see the hearse with two security people talking next to it. We need the keys to get into it, but luckily they are very close.

On the nearby porch is a bench with luggage all over it. Next to the seat on top of the suitcase is the hearse key. Run over and interact with the driver door and you will escape the mission and complete the Last Responder challenge worth 1,000 Dartmoor mastery points.