Where to Find the Hearse Keys in Dartmoor in Hitman World of Assassination?

There are dozens of exits throughout Hitman World of Assassination’s locations, most of which, like the hearse, require items such as keys.

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After completing the main mission in the Dartmoor location in Hitman World of Assassination, players need to exit the area through one of several means. There are open exits that are easily accessible, but it’s more fun to try to use an exit that needs to be unlocked, like the hearse. This guide explains how to find the hearse keys in Dartmoor so Agent 47 can leave the location in style.

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Where to Find the Hearse Keys in Dartmoor in Hitman WOA

After completing the main objectives, players can find the hearse keys in Dartmoor in Hitman World of Assassination in the walled-off area next to the hearse that’s occupied by security guards. Players can find this area around the front of the mansion, just next to the hearse vehicle itself.

To get the hearse keys, players will need to use distractions and sneak around the security guards to pick them up from their location. Another way to grab them is to acquire a security guard disguise elsewhere in Dartmoor, walk into the area, and simply take the keys from right under the noses of the other guards.

There is a second set of keys for the hearse on the undertaker. He’s hanging out in the graveyard across the river in the grounds of Dartmoor. Agent 47 must kill or subdue him for the keys to drop. If players choose to do this, they should hide the body well and use the disguise. It’s a powerful one that allows access to much of the location and makes it easier to use the hearse to exit the location.

When players exit Dartmoor using the hearse for the first time, they’ll complete the Last Responder challenge and gain 1,000 Mastery Points for that location. It’s worth doing because it’ll help unlock new hiding spots, starting locations, and so much more that will be helpful in future runs and contracts in Dartmoor.

A great way to increase the difficulty of a user-generated contract is to have a stipulation, such as exiting using the hearse. It forces other players to think smarter when tackling that contract and could earn the creator a better reputation among the community in the long run.