Where does Skull and Bones take place? Answered

Set sail to lands afar.

Image via Ubisoft

Ubisoft’s pirate-themed game Skull and Bones is an ambitious project for the company, featuring multiple playstyles including third-person exploration and battles between pirate ships. The title is Ubisoft’s biggest new IP in years and may give Rare’s Sea of Thieves a run for its money when it comes to pirate-based games. But what part of the world does Skull and Bones take place in, if any in particular?

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Where and when does Skull and Bones take place? Location and time period

Whereas a more fantastical game like Sea of Thieves takes place in a fictional unspecified set of islands, Skull and Bones takes place in a more grounded and exotic part of the sea. The official Skull and Bones website reveals the game takes place within a fictionalized version of the Indian Ocean during the late 17th century. You can explore the eastern coasts of Africa and the East Indies. Each region will be distinct and have its own ecosystems. Some places will have more plants and be full of animal life, while other places will be desolated. Your goal is to find unimaginable treasure and not get caught by enemy ships.

While people associate classic piracy with Europe and the Caribbean, pirates were commonplace across the world. This includes the coasts of Africa when European travelers were settling in during times of expansion and trade. The Indian Ocean is also a unique location that isn’t often depicted in media. Learning how to sail is vital when exploring the Indian Ocean, as the website calls it “Hell in Paradise.” Discovering the wind direction and taking advantage of your sails to increase the speed of your boat. But you will also need to recognize the unpredictable waves to avoid dangerous waters and escape from enemies.

Skull and Bones is expected to release on November 8 for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and Microsoft Windows. The game was first announced in 2017 and is being developed by Ubisoft Singapore.