Where does the Dragonflight quest start in World of Warcraft Dragonflight? Answered

It all starts with a single step.

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Players everywhere are now taking to the skies with the expansion World of Warcraft: Dragonflight. Exploring the Dragon Isles and taking in the new sights, along with a level cap brought to 70, will have players rather busy with a new set of duties and mechanics to explore. To take the first step, players will need to know where to begin the Dragonflight quests — here’s where to go for Alliance and Horde.

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How to start Dragonflight for the Alliance

Enter Stormwind, and players will be notified to meet Wrathion immediately. If a pop-up window appears, players can track the quest from that window for UI guidance. This will introduce Alliance players to the Dracthyr liaison for the Alliance. Players will follow a short quest chain, similar to the Horde’s, where they will need to ultimately head to Stormwind Harbor’s southernmost dock. Ensure that you talk to all available NPCs with quests on these docks before departing.

How to start Dragonflight for the Horde

Much the same as the Alliance, the Horde will receive an alert once players enter Orgrimmar. Alternatively, upon logging in and out of the game, the window will also appear, introducing players to the new DLC, presuming it is owned.

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Players will meet an NPC called Ebyssian, who will then send players on a brief mission around Org before they will ultimately need to head outside of Orgrimmar. Head east from the exterior of the main gate until you see a spire — climbing this spire will have a small cluster of NPCs to talk to, before ultimately hopping into the zeppelin for transport to the Dragon Isles. Ensure that you talk to all available NPCs with quests on this spire before departing.

Learning Dragonriding in Dragonflight

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Admittedly, it’s all a simple pretext as to why World of Warcraft: Dragonflight has been hyped — riding dragons. To start the quest chain for Dragonflight, you should talk to all available quest-giving NPCs on your departing station, then follow the main quest line until you ride the Queen into the Ruby Lifeshrine, and offer her the saved egg. You’ll then receive a quest called ‘Dragonriding’ which will allow you to start soaring about this new, fantastical world.