Where to find Decorder Rings in Borderlands 3 Revenge of the Cartels

Crack it.

Decorder Rings

Trying to help poor Maurice out of his jam with the Cartel means a lot of running around, collecting things, and killing bad guys. After you take out Joey Ultraviolet the first time, Maurice will give you some worrying news.

Joey’s compound has gone into lockdown, and you won’t be able to get in using the same method you used the first time. You will need to find Decoder Rings, thirty of them in total, and use those to get through a gate that is locked with a code.

Finding the Decoder Rings is very easy, and you do it precisely the same way you found the original coordinates. All you need to do is find enemies that have some neon armor and kill them. They will then drop a beacon, which will call in more enemies, and kill them will get you some Decorder Ring drops. Run over them to pick them up, and you will be good to go.

It doesn’t take long to get all thirty, and if you want an easy farming location, then I would suggest Ascension Bluff, where you went for the previous portion of the mission. Head for the arena where you take on Mouthpiece, the boss, and you will have it wrapped up in no time. I have been getting all the farming finished before I even reach the main building, as there are so many enemies spawns in the area, especially on higher Mayhem levels.

I imagine each step is going to have a similar different name for the item you need, but the same mechanic to get it, so make sure you kill a few neon loving bad guys and see what happens before you go searching for whatever item Maurice will need each time.

And don’t forget, the Loot the Universe event is also ongoing, and Ascension Bluff is currently dropping Legendary Sniper Rifles like they are going out of fashion.