Where to find a Hive Boss in Destiny 2 – Hive Machine Bounty

Bring a sword.

Destiny 2

The Hive Machine bounty can be gotten from Rasputin and involves taking out a Hive Boss. In this guide, we will show you a couple of quick ways to get it finished.

Escalation Protocol

Escalation Protocol on Mars will have you face a Hive Boss at the end of the first segment. There are normally lots of people playing Escalation Protocol at the moment, so it is pretty easy to reload into a server until you find a group doing the event. The very first stage will end with a boss to kill, so wrapping it up this way is reasonably fast.

Core Terminus Lost Sector

Core Terminus

The Core Terminus Lost Sector near Braytech on Mars also has a Hive Boss at the end. The Lost Sector is filled with lots of easy to kill enemies, so you can get your super on the way to the boss. When you arrive in the final room, melt him with your super, and the bounty will be complete. It’s a quick and easy way to finish up the bounty.

A good tip is always to grab your daily bounties from Rasputin before you do any bunker clears on the EDZ, the Moon, or Io. The different enemy types can often help you wrap up the bounties, and if you have the Hive Machine bounty in your inventory, a bunker clear on Io will more than likely finish it for you, as they tend to end with a Hive Boss.

You can then visit the other bunkers, clear them out, and see if it helps you with any of the other daily bounties that you picked up.