Where is Maurice’s Black Market vending machine location in Borderlands 3 this week? July 1 to July 8

A new source of Legendary weapons.


Image via 2K

Borderlands 3 has introduced a new source of Legendary weapons for all players. Added in the Director’s Cut update, Maurice’s Black Market is available for everyone, and you do not need to own the DLC to find it in your game.

The Black Market takes the form of a moving vending machine that will appear in a new location each week, selling Legendary weapons. The good news is that the Black Market will only ever appear in the locations from the base game, so all players will always be able to find it.

The Black Market will not appear on the amp, and players will need to track it down themselves. It will be in the same location for all players, however. You can find the location of Maurice’s Black Market for this week below.

Where is Maurice’s Black Market this week?

This week you can find Maurice’s Black Market Voracious Canopy on Eden 6. You will need to head for the crash ship where Genevieve lives.

What does the Black Market sell?

The Blackmarket will sell a range of different weapons, all Legendary rarity. The prices can be high, starting at around $4.5 million. The vending machine will move every Thursday at 9am PST, and will appear in a new location with a brand new stock of Legendary weapons.

This week it is selling a selection of Atlas Standardized Carrier, Vladoff Infinity Pistol, DAHL Hornet Pistol.