Where is the Elgado Outpost Cohoot Nest in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

A place where you can find items dropped off by your Cohoot in Elgado Outpost.

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The Elgado Outpost in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak comes with everything you need as a hunter, including a Cohoot Nest. The location of this nest is different from the standard location, and you will want to find it to obtain all of the random items your Cohoot collects while you go hunting. In this guide, we’ll cover where in Elgado Outpost you can find the Cohoot Nest in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

Where is the Elgado Outpost Cohoot Nest?

The quickest way to find this location is to make your way toward the center of the Outpost, where you speak with Admiral Galleus and Dame Fiorayne. From this location, facing the Admiral and the Dame, turn to your left and look up. There will be a gate leading towards the port, and you will need to climb up this gate to reach the top. We highly recommend using your Wirebug to make the process easier. When you reach the top, look to the right and find the Cohoot Nest.

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If you have trouble trying to reach this location, climbing the tent above the meeting area makes this significantly easier.

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Your Cohoot should already be flying around this location, welcoming you to Elgado Outpost. You will want to check this location often to see what items your friendly companion brought for you. Multiple things could be inside of it. Many of these items your Cohoot brings you could be used at the smithy or offered back to the Outpost for some money. The more hunts you embark on while playing Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, the more items your Cohoot will have to offer to you at this nest.