Where is the Statue of the Seven to the north of Liyue in Genshin Impact?

South for the winter.

Genshin Impact

The ongoing Marvelous Merchandise event in Genshin Impact means players may be searching for a location in the game they haven’t reached yet. Today’s clue is that Liben has been seen near the Statue of the Seven to the north of Liyue.

It’s actually the first tricky clue in the event and is perhaps even a little misleading. Liyue is a region in the game, but in this case, they are mean “north of Liyue Harbor,” which is a city located in the south of Liyue.

Statue of the Seven north of Liyue
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The Statue of the Seven you are looking for is marked on the map above with a red box; the red arrows are the most direct route to take from Dawn Winery in Mondstadt to this Statue if you have never been there before.

After making your way to the Dawn Winery, located to the southwest of Mondstadt city, go along the coast and follow the path south. You will come to an area called Stone Gate, a large series of stairs and walkways through a mountain. Continue south again, and you will arrive at the Dihua Marsh Statue of the Seven. Interact with this to reveal the surrounding area, and you will see Wanghu Inn, once again to the south. Head there and keep on going south all the way past the Guili Plains, and you will eventually come to the Statue of the Seven to the north of Liyue Harbor.

Liben can be found in the southern part of the small village there.