Where is the Swamp Skeleton Dead Drop in The Cycle: Frontier?

Walk thorugh the bones.


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Dead Drops are chests in The Cycle: Frontier that you can use to deposit items as part of missions for the various factions around your space station hub. While there are quite a few of them, this guide explains where to find one in particular – the Swamp Skeleton Dead Drop somewhere on Fortuna III.

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Where do you find the Swamp Skeleton Dead Drop?

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The Swamp Skeleton Dead Drop is located in the bottom left-hand corner of the Bright Sands map. Look for the giant skeleton there and head towards it once you land on Fortuna III. You can’t miss this skeleton. It’s colossal and houses several dilapidated hospital buildings underneath it, as well as more than a few unfriendly creatures.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Head east from the hospital building with the blue beds. You can track your direction using your compass at the top of the screen. The Swamp Skeleton Dead Drop is inside a group of tree roots that rise out of the water.

Screenshot by Gamepur

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This is a nice spot where you’re largely protected from enemies, but keep an eye out because there are a lot that will attack you if you don’t catch them early. You can easily kill the smaller enemies that rush you, but the larger foes require much more work. You’re better off dumping the item in the Dead Drop, running away to get some distance, and killing whatever attacks you from afar. Just make sure you use a decent weapon, or you’ll end up on the menu.

How to use the Swamp Skeleton Dead Drop

Using the Swamp Skeleton Dead Drop is easy. All you need to do is approach it, interact with it, and drag the item you need to deposit into it. This will sometimes complete a quest you’ve been given, but you can also take items from a Dead Drop. You would only do this if you’re not on a quest and can safely take the items from the box without it risking your life. These boxes appear in set positions so everyone knows where they are. You should keep an eye out whenever using one, just in case someone is lurking around a corner.