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Is the Fortuna Pass worth it in The Cycle: Frontier?

A frank dissection of the game's season pass.

Update June 22

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The Fortuna Pass was causing a problem for The Cycle: Frontier on the day it launched, forcing developer Yager to remove it from the game. However, that issue has now been rectified and all players should be able to purchase the Fortuna Pass once more.

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The Cycle: Frontier’s first season brought the game’s inaugural season pass, the Fortuna Pass. This is a battle pass like any other, offering cosmetic items to players that purchase it and progress through each tier. However, not all battle passes are worth buying if they don’t serve players. This guide explains if the Fortuna Pass is worth it, so you know whether you’re wasting your money or not.

Should you buy the Fortuna Pass?

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The Fortuna Pass costs 950 Aurum, which is roughly $10. You can spend a little more to unlock additional levels in the Fortuna Pass, giving yourself a head start. For that $10 investment, you get 100 ranks of rewards to earn, though some of these are free and available to those who don’t purchase the pass too. None of the items in the Fortuna Pass have gameplay advantages, meaning you can’t pay-to-win in The Cycle: Frontier.

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However, the Fortuna Pass awards 100 Aurum regularly, and you can earn well over 1,000 Aurum by completing all 100 ranks. This means that if you do invest in the Fortuna Pass, you’ll make back the money you put into the game, allowing you to pay for the Fortuna Pass in season 2 when it comes around. So if you’re a dedicated player and earn back at least 1,000 Aurum each season, you only need to pay $10 for the Fortuna Pass once.

What’s the difference between the free track and the premium track?

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As you’d expect, the free track in the Fortuna Pass doesn’t contain many cosmetic items. Instead, it has crates that contain resources and common items like backpacks. You can also earn Insurance Tokens, but it’s the few cosmetic skins for weapons that you’ll be chasing if you only have access to the free track. The premium track, on the other hand, is packed with cosmetics for your Prospector and weapons, including emotes and charms. If you want the most cosmetics possible from the game, the premium track is the one you need. You can stick with the free track if you’re not bothered and just want to play the game without thinking about these bonuses.

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