Where is the Tree of Dreams in Genshin Impact? Answered

The heart of Sumeru.

Image via HoYoverse

Like Inazuma’s Sacred Sakura, Sumeru brings a new offering system to Genshin Impact. The land of Dendro, Sumeru, is filled with Dendro Sigils, and the Tree of Dreams is a place where you can utilize them to earn various rewards. However, Tree of Dreams is not available by default, and you must fulfill certain prerequisites to access it.

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Tree of Dreams’ location in Genshin Impact

To unlock Tree of Dreams, you must first take on the Aranyaka world questline and complete its subquests until you are introduced to Aranara. This is a pretty long quest line with several subquests in it; hence, it might take a while before you can access the Tree of Dreams. It will eventually lead you to the Statue of Seven in Vanarana, and once you interact with it, the area that is home to the Tree of Dreams will get unlocked. Now, you need to continue the world questline until you unlock the Children of the Forest quest. When this happens, go to the quest tab and select the Tree of Dreams subquest. You’ll now be directed to Tree of Dreams and will be able to interact with it.

The Tree of Dreams is located northwest of Varanara and is denoted by a black circular symbol of a tree on the map (once unlocked). Regardless, you can see its exact location in the image below.

Screenshot by Gamepur

It’s worth noting that if you somehow manage to reach the Tree of Dreams’ location without fulfilling the prerequisites mentioned above, you won’t be able to interact with it. That said, if you are sticking to the main questline upon entering Sumeru, the Tree of Dreams should eventually unlock without you doing anything out of the box.