Where is the Vampire Shrine in The Elder Scrolls Online? Answered

Don’t forget to bring blood.

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Choosing between becoming a werewolf or a vampire is more than just a hypothetical between friends; it’s a legitimate choice in many games, including Elder Scrolls Online. There are several ways to become either, and it’s a momentous occasion for your character. For instance, to become a vampire in Elder Scrolls Online, you have to go to a specific location and get willingly bitten by one of the players who already is one. This unmarked location is called Vampire Ritual Site, or Vampire Shrine, as it’s better known by the players. There are three of them, one close to each faction, and in this guide, we will explain how to get to all of them.

Where is the Vampire Ritual Site in the Rift

For the members of the Ebonheart Pact who wish to become vampires, their ritual location is located in the Rift. More precisely, in the northern area of the map, start from the Fallowstone Hall Wayshrine and head east to the village of Shor’s Stone. Then, take the road north that leads to Eastmarch, but instead, go off trail east towards Linele Skullcarver’s Camp. From the camp, head north towards the map edge and that’s where you will find the Vampire Ritual Site.

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Where is the Vampire Ritual Site in Reaper’s March

The members of the Aldmeri Dominion wishing to become vampires will have to head to Reaper’s March for their rituals. To get to the ritual site, the best way is to start from the Fort Sphinxmoth Wayshrine and take the road west. The goal is to head to Ushmal’s Rest because the vampire shrine is located close by. Interestingly, the werewolf shrine is just a short walk northeast of Ushmal’s Rest, but the one we’re looking for is just slightly to the northwest.

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Where is the Vampire Ritual Site in Bangkorai

Players from the Daggerfall Covenant who aim to become vampires will find their nearest shrine in Bangkorai. Getting to the ritual site is fairly easy since it’s pretty close to the city of Evermore. To get to it, start from the Eastern Evermore Wayshrine and take the road south leading to Pelin Graveyard. Keep following the road after the first fork until you get to a rocky outcrop on your right-hand side. This is where you want to climb to find the Vampire Ritual Site.

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