Where is Xur today, and what is he selling in Destiny 2? – June 24, 2022

Xur has returned from the Void and is offering you multiple items for a limited time.

Destiny 2

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Xur appears every Friday in Destiny 2, giving you the opportunity to buy a variety of Exotic items from his inventory. He will only appear for a limited time, giving you until the weekly reset on the following Tuesday to pick up these exclusive items before he disappears. All of the items in Xur’s inventory will rotate each week, so make sure to find him before he departs. In this guide, we’re going to cover where you can find Xur and where he’s selling in Destiny 2.

Where is Xur in Destiny 2?

You can find Xur in the Tower, and he will be in the hanger. You can find him at the top-right section of the map.

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What is Xur selling?

Xur will have multiple items available for you to purchase. There will be one Exotic weapon and a piece of Exotic armor for every class in the game. There is also some legendary gear you can grab if you want to increase your power, or you cannot purchase the exotic items this week.


MercilessExotic Fusion Rifle
Gwisin VestHunter Chest92162111867
Citan’s RampartsTitan Gauntlets91471413259
Eye of Another WorldWarlock Head Armor21212722165

Legendary Weapons

Every Legendary Weapon available in Xur’s inventory costs 1,000 Glimmer and 50 Legendary Shards.

Weapon NameWeapon TypePerks
Gnawing HungerAuto RifleZen Moment and Rampage
Seventh Seraph Vy-7Submachine GunFourth Time’s the Charm and Vorpal Weapon
Eternal BlazonScout RifleKilling Wind and One for All
Toil and TroubleShotgunFull Auto Trigger System and Rampage
Far FutureSniper RifleAuto-loading Holster and Multikill Clip
TarantulaLinear Fusion RifleField Prep and Box Breathing
Stars in ShadowPulse RifleGrave Robber, Elemental Capacitor, and One Quiet Moment

Legendary Armor

The Legendary Armors for Hunters is The Took Offense, Warlocks will receive the Xenos Vale IV, and Titans will have The Shelter in Place collection. Similar to the Legendary Weapons, each armor piece costs you 1,000 Glimmer and 50 Legendary Shards.