Where the Light Wanes – Genshin Impact – Lantern Rite Tale

They wander on the breeze.

Screenshot via MiYoHo YouTube

For the Where the Light Wanes Lantern Rite Tale, Hongyu, a guard in Liyue, will ask you to collect some Xiao lanterns that have drifted off. It is his job, but like everyone else in Liyue right now, he is just too busy to do it.

Lantern Rite Tales will reward you with Festive Fever that will increase the overall Fever level of the Lantern Rite event, unlocking new activities and rewards.

All the waypoints will be marked on the map one by one as you collect them. The first lantern can be found near Mt. Tianheng. It is trapped in a large root, although it is easier to climb the cliff behind the root to get to the lantern. When you reach the lantern, you can jump across to the root to collect it.

Behind you will be a cave with lots of ores, an Oculi, and a challenge totem if you have never visited the area before.

The second lantern can be found near the Domain of the Forward Path. It is surround by Hilichurls that you will need to fight, but they won’t pose any serious threat to you.

The third lantern can be found in Jueyun Karst. There are more Hilichurls here, surrounding a man so take them all out, then speak with him to get the third lantern.

After you have the last lantern, return to Hongyu at Liyue Harbor and hand in the quest. You will receive 30 Primogems, 20000 Mora, and 100 Festive Fever as a reward.