Where to catch Medaka Fish in Genshin Impact – Medaka Fishing Spots

Time to fish.

Genshin Impact players will need to track down the Medaka Fish if they want to get more bait recipes to catch more fish. Medaka can be found in a few different areas in the game’s various regions, but the types of fish found at each spot can be different, so there is no point in fishing at any random spot you find.

In this guide, we will show you where to catch the Medaka, running through a few different location options. Keep in mind, you will also need Fruit Bait to catch this type of fish. We are also only showing the basic Medaka location, not any of the other breeds, as they will not count toward the cost of the bait recipes.

Mondstadt Medaka Locations

Medaka can be caught in the following areas of Mondstadt. The south of Cider Lake, the Stormbearer Mountains, at the north and south of Stormterror’s Lair, and at Windrise. While other breeds of Medaka can be caught at other lakes, they will not count toward the fee for the bait.

Liyue Medaka Locations

In Liyue, Medaka can be found to the north of Dihua marsh, at the northwest of Bishui Plain, and near to Mt. Hulao. Players should be easily able to gather up enough Medaka by visiting all the fishing spots show above.