Where to collect the fountain piece in Borderlands 3’s Revenge of the Cartels

There’s a secret passage way somewhere.

Xbox Scorpio

After locating the hideout of the Cartel that’s looking to acquire Maurice in Borderlands 3‘s Revenge of the Cartels event, you need to work your way through the Villa to locate their leader. It won’t be easy. With the leader knowing you’re working your way to take them out for good, they’ve hidden somewhere on their property. After fighting through the front gate, Maurice notes how the front fountain looks a bit off.

You need to locate the appropriate piece to advance through the mission. To do this, you need to make your way through the mansion and fight the various enemies the leader has at their disposal. To make your job easier, when you’re standing in front of the fountain, proceed up the stairs to the second floor. This causes the objective marker to change, giving you a better idea of where to locate the fountain piece.

While on the second floor, go further into it on either side of the house and make your way towards the waypoint. It takes you to the grand ballroom where you need to take out several waves of enemies. Eventually, the mini-boss Josie Byte shows up to attempt to stop you. She has several shields circling her, trying to protect her. When she goes down, and you clear the area, proceed inside the room she emerged from, and on the right side, you should find a Jakobs locker. Open it, and the missing fountain piece is inside.

Proceed back down to the front of the mansion where you first encountered the fountain and you can proceed further into the mansion, one step closer to helping Maurice and clearing him of his debt.