Where to find all Silver Dragon Blade pieces in Citra’s Warrior Far Cry 6 Vaas: Insanity DLC

Making your escape.

Screenshot by Gamepur

In Far Cry 6 Vaas: Insanity, players will need to search an island to find three parts of the dagger. Once they have all three pieces, they will be able to escape Vaas’ mind and finish the mode.

The good news is that pieces of the Silver Dragon Blade will always be in the same place, so you only ever need to find them once. On the map below, you can find all three locations with the Silver Dragon Blade pieces.

From the central camp, there are three main paths. While all of them branch off in different directions, each path will have one route where the ground is red, seemingly from blood. Following this path will lead players toward the pieces of the dagger. One of them can be found to the northeast, one to the southeast, and one to the southwest of the central base where players begin each run.

Each dagger piece will only be awarded to players after they take on a difficult mission, so make sure you have plenty of weapons, trait upgrades, and powers before you take these on, as they can be quite tough, especially at higher difficulty levels.

Once you have all three pieces of the dagger you can bring them to the base in the center of the map where Citra will be waiting for you.