Where to find an easy Cabal Boss in Destiny 2 Season of the Worthy – Cabal Launcher Bounty

Not every Cabal Boss is a actually a Boss.

Cabal Boss Destiny 2

If you need to track down a Cabal Boss in Destiny 2, it can be a little bit annoying. You can find them by chasing down Public Events, or running Strikes, or getting lucky with a World Spawn if you are in the right area.

You can also hunt down Lost Sectors, but there are also annoying in that, for whatever reason, not all of them will count at a Boss. We don’t know why, they just don’t. There is one that we can absolutely guarantee counts as a Boss for the Rasputin Bounty, however. If you head for Mars, spawn at the Glacial Drift, and head to the right, up the little hill, and into the hole in the wall, you will find a Lost Sector where the Cabal Boss actually counts as a Cabal Boss.

Head all the way into the back of the Lost Sector, and be advised it’s a bit of an odd route. You can ignore all the other enemies unless you were looking for some experience from killing them. In the final room, you will find a Cabal Boss called Valus Dulurc, who is a Wanted Bounty Boss.

He is a yellow bar Colossus, so be mindful of the rockets he fires, and that massive minigun. Don’t get too close to him either, or he can stomp you into the deep ravine below. He isn’t very tough to kill for veterans, but newer players will want to use the natural cover of the cave and be watchful of all the ads that spawn in.

Once you kill him, it will complete your Rasputin Bounty and you can go about the rest of your business.