Where to find Aronium in No Man’s Sky

Get your hands on this precious mineral.


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In No Man’s Sky, you’ll need to get acquainted with the dozens of minerals and resources required to craft everything you need for your journey in the game. Whether you’re exploring for hours on end, tracking an Expedition, or trying to finish one of the game’s quests, you’ll need to do some crafting and understand how minerals interact with each other. This guide explains where to find one of those minerals, Aronium, and why it’s useful to you.

Buy it or find the blueprint

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You can buy Aronium from some Galactic Trade Terminals as with all minerals. However, not all of them will have it on offer, so you’ll need to warp to new systems in search of a Galactic Trade Terminal that sells it. Even when you find it, be prepared to spend a lot of Nanites to acquire it.

Instead of buying it, you can craft Aronium, but you’ll need the blueprint first. You can get this blueprint from Manufacturing Facilities and Operations Centers, but it’s not guaranteed. The blueprint is one of the rewards you might be given, so if you don’t get it when delving into the treasures in one of these locations, you’ll have to fly off and find another. Finally, you can also get the blueprint when analyzing Glowing Minerals, so keep scanning, and there’s a good chance it will drop.

Once you have the blueprint for Aronium, you can check the in-game catalogue to find crafting recipes that tell you how to make it if you need it. All the crafting recipes require Paraffinium, so make sure you have some in your inventory.