Where to find Ball Mold for Factory Labyrinth Puzzle in Resident Evil Village – Iron Horse Ball location

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You can solve four Labyrinth Puzzles in Resident Evil Village, each of them available alongside the lord you have to battle against. They all require that you find a ball to make them work. The fourth and final Labyrinth Puzzle is in Heisenberg’s factory, and you don’t find a ball to make this puzzle work. Instead, you have to find a mold of the ball, create it using a casting device, and then solve the puzzle.

Where to find the Ball Mold

It’s easy to miss the Ball Mold. You can find it in the factory. After you defeat the ghouls with jetpacks, you’ll make your way up the grinder shaft. Before you enter the ventilation duct where Ethan is nearly sucked into a rotating tube, there’s a hidden room to your right. A wall blocks it, and no, it does go away if you use a pipe bomb. There’s a cart hiding a small vent you can crawl through. This is on floor B2.

When you make it to the other side, the Ball Mold will be inside a suitcase.

Screenshot by Gamepur

How to solve the Factory Labyrinth Puzzle

When you have the ball mold, you need to return it to the Casting Machine on floor MB4. You need to make your way over here to create the casting of the key for the door blocking your path on another floor. After you’ve done that, return to The Duke on B4. There is a small room next to the elevator that contains the Factory Labyrinth. You can insert the ball at the top of the puzzle, tilt it to bring it all the way down, and then access the Bister Skull to sell it to The Duke.

Screenshot by Gamepur