Where to find Black Marble in Valheim

Another resource to add to your forge.

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Black Marble is one of the many materials you will need to find in Valheim. It’s a valuable item that you can use to expand your base and construct critical items to assist you in unlocking more tools and equipment. Tracking it down can become difficult, though. Not only will it take you some time to find it, but you will also need the correct tool to find Black Marble. Here’s what you need to know about where to find Black Marble in Valheim.

How to get Black Marble in Valheim

The Black Marble comes from tracking down Giant remains and their structures in the Mistlands region. You will need to travel to this area on the map, which is no small feat. Obtaining this material won’t be easy, and it will be something you want to do after you’ve become comfortable in the Plains biome, taking on the many Goblins and stronger foes you might encounter while in this region. Once you find the Giant remains, the next step is to have a Blackmetal Pickaxe, which also requires some resources from this region.

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The resource you’re going to need to find is a Yggdrasil tree. These also grow in the Mistlands biome, so if you’re already in this region, you’ve done half of the work. You should find these trees all over the place. You can cut them down using a Blackmetal ax, but this is a weapon you could make while you were in the Plains, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble creating this tool.

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We recommend placing a portal down in the Mistlands biome and connecting it to your base to make it easier to reach this region and bring back resources. Unlike other metals, Black Marble can go through a portal with you, so take advantage of that time save.