How to get fine wood in Valheim

You need to find the right tree.

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You need to gather several useful resources in Valheim to create the foundation of your home, along with several of the tools that you can use to chop down trees, gather up ore, or defend yourself against creatures attacking you. When you start looking for copper and tin and build a smelter using the Surtling Cores, you’ll be ready to start crafting items using fine wood. You can find fine wood in a particular place, and it’s a lot closer to home than you expect. But the big catch is having the right tool to chop it down.

How to get fine wood

You want to make sure you’re looking for the correct trees in the Meadows region of Valheim. In this region, you’ll be able to find beech and birch trees. When you first attempt to cut down birch trees, you’ll receive a notification that the wood is too hard for you to cut down, even if you use a stone or flint ax. What you need to do is craft yourself a bronze ax, and you’ll be able to do that by blending copper and tin together at a forge, which also requires Surtling Cores.

When you have your bronze ax, return to the Meadows region, and look for those birch trees. Using your bronze ax, you’ll be able to chop down those trees without any issue, and you can watch them fall to the ground, ready for you to chop up into little bits. After you’ve destroyed all of the logs, you’ll receive fine wood from the pile. Like any of the higher quality resources, everything that falls to the ground will not be fine wood, so don’t expect to see all of it in the pile.

You can also find it in the Plains biome. However, of the two, the Meadows might be safer. The Plains is one of the last biomes for players to explore as they progress through the game, and it is extremely tough to survive here, even for players who have iron armor.