Where to find Yggdrasil Wood in Valheim

Your fires demand more wood.

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Yggdrasil Wood will be an excellent resource for you to find in Valheim. It’s a type of wood you can obtain from particular trees, but finding those trees and chopping them down can take a lot of work. You need to do several things before you reach this point, and planning it out should make your next adventure with your friends much easier in your Valheim world. Here’s what you need to know about where to find Yggdrasil Wood in Valheim.

How to get Yggdrasil Wood in Valheim

You can only find Yggdrasil Wood if you cut down Yggdrasil trees and shoots. These can appear in the Mistlands biome, and you’ll want to make sure you adventure in the Plains enough times to craft a Blackmetal ax. The only way to make a Blackmetal ax is to find the blackmetal ingots that drop from the Goblins, and they primarily keep to themselves in the Plains, so you’ll need to visit this often before eventually adventuring into the Mistlands.

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When you have at least one Blackmetal ax, it will be worth the risk of finding a Mistlands biome and cutting down the Yggdrasil trees you find in this region. There should be several of them around. You won’t have to spend too long in this region to track the material down, but it has a variety of uses at your Valheim base, and having enough of it will be a big reason you can continue expanding out and exploring the Mistlands.

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In addition, this wood is a required material for several crafting projects. Finding plenty of this material will be a good way to establish yourself in the Mistlands, and prepare you for many more formidable challenges.