Where to find Carapace in Valheim

Make some excellent armor using this difficult-to-find material.

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Carapace is one of the more helpful resources you can find in Valheim, and you will need a good amount of it. It’s a core ingredient in a handful of recipes that you can begin working on when you reach closer to the Mistlands, and it will be instrumental in ensuring you stay alive against your enemies. Tracking it down will be a challenge, and you want to ensure you bring a lot of helpful equipment. Here’s what you need to know bout where to find Carapace in Valheim.

How to get Carapace in Valheim

If you’re looking to find Carapace, you must make your way over the Mistlands biome. This location in your world has a random chance to appear, but it is typically in the outer regions of your world, close to where you can find Mountains and Plains. When you arrive in this region, the next step is to find the monster that drops this resource, the Seeker. These are large insect-like creatures that can appear in the Mistlands and have a high chance of appearing inside Infested Mines, which are the dungeons of the area.

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Every time you take out one of the larger Seekers, namely the standard enemies or the Brutes, there’s a chance they’ll drop their Carapace on the ground. You can pick it up and learn how to make several unique armor pieces using this as a primary material. This encourages you to investigate any Infested Mines you find in the Mistlands, as the Seekers have a high chance of appearing in these locations. However, they might also appear above ground, and they’re going to attack the Dvergr.

When you have enough Carapace, make sure to bring it back to your base and begin crafting it with the Scale Hide you find in this biome.