Where to find clothlets in Ooblets

You commonly need this to complete routine tasks.

A common resource item you may need to find in Ooblets is called clothlets. You may need them to fulfill Plenny’s Bulk Orders, for different tasks to complete construction projects around Badgetown, or for personal tasks for citizens in the town. Clothlets are widely used and can become a bit of a chore to find. You won’t find them as often as you would some of the vegetables or fungus you regularly encounter.

The most straightforward location is to purchase clothplant seeds from Meed’s Seeds in town. It’s the first shop you run across when you enter town from your farm. Clothplant seeds cost 32 gummies and take three days to grow, but you can decrease this time using speedy grow fertilizer.

You can also use your wishies at the Wishy Well to purchase clothlet. It costs 10 wishes to receive one clothlet, so it might be more worth your time to grow them in your garden, unless you need them immediately to finish a project. For those who prefer using your wishies instead of waiting, you can complete one of your daily activities at the start of your day and use those earned wishies to purchase several clothlets all at once.