Where to find Copper Ore in Harvestella

An important early-game material.

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As you progress through Harvestella, you will need to collect materials for crafting, cooking, and upgrading your gear. The more you have unlocked, the more materials you will need to gather to progress in the game. Upgrading your gear is one of the most important tasks for you to keep up with. After all, you need a way to defend yourself from the monsters that live in the world. For gear upgrades, you need Copper Ore and it isn’t the most obvious item to find. This guide will show you where to find Copper Ore in Harvestella.

How to get Copper Ore in Harvestella

Copper Ore is mainly used for crafting and upgrading your gear. Early on in the game, you can talk to the blacksmith in Lethe and she will tell you to make sure to keep your gear in good shape. To start the upgrade tree for your weapon, you need to gather at least two Copper Ore. Unfortunately, there aren’t any NPCs around to tell you where you can find it. Luckily, it is pretty easy to get your hands on some and you don’t need to travel very far.

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The area where you can find Copper Ore is called Higan Canyon but you won’t be able to access the area right away. You will have to wait until Aria runs off. During this time, she will head to Higan Candon. This will unlock the area and allow you to search the dungeon for goods. There are three ways you can get Copper Ore here:

  • The ore will sometimes drop from defeated monsters
  • You can collect Copper Ore from chests scattered about the area
  • Searching mining spots will sometimes reward you with Copper Ore

After progressing through the area and exhausting all of the available resources, head back to your house and rest. Come back the next day to have everything respawn. Doing this will allow you to collect more Copper Ore if needed. Bring the Copper Ore to the blacksmith to upgrade your weapons or store it in your storage box back at your home to use for crafting.