Where to find Depleted Uranium in Far Cry 6

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Depleted Uranium is a resource you’re going to need to unlock more Supremos at Juan’s Office in Far Cry 6. It’s a coveted resource hidden all over Yara, and you’ll be using it regularly to modify your Supremos. These caches are in specific locations, so finding them is much more straightforward than a few other resources you need to find in the game. This guide details where you need to go to find Depleted Uranium in Far Cry 6.

You typically find Depleted Uranium at Anti-Aircraft Sites. Any Anti-Aircraft base on Yara will have a small stash of Uranium you can locate. They’re going to be a specific box with a radiation warning on them. They should also appear as a radian sign on your map if you need to find the exact location at an Anti-Aircraft base.

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When you want to obtain the Depleted Uranium, you want to find these bases and locate this container. Of course, you do not have to destroy the Anti-Aircraft turrets or take over the base to unlock these crates, but it makes it a little easier to find them when you’re not worried about enemies finding your location.

You’ll want to visit Juan’s Office often to see what Resolver gear he has available for you to unlock using Depleted Uranium and what else you need to upgrade your Supremo’s gear.