How to get the Sky Scythe Broom in Hogwarts Legacy

A premium broom to show off at Hogwarts.

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You can purchase a variety of brooms in Hogwarts Legacy, a notable one you can find is the Sky Scythe Broom. It appears at a specific location, making tracking it down a chore. However, it’s a worthwhile item to add to your inventory, especially if you’re a collector of premium brooms. Because this is a premium broom, this item does not come cheap, so expect to dip into your savings to purchase it. Here’s what you need to know about how to get the Sky Scythe Broom in Hogwarts Legacy.

Where to find the Sky Scythe Broom in Hogwarts Legacy

You won’t find the Sky Scythe Broom available for sale in Hogsmeade, where you’d normally pick up the other brooms. Instead, you need to go further away from Hogwarts, to the north part of the map. In the northern regions of the game, there’s an area called North Ford Bog. This is the final area you can reach in Hogwarts Legacy. You want to head to the east side of his map and aim to visit the Floo Flame fast travel location called East North Ford Bog. To the west of this area is a unique vendor called Leopold Babcocke.

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When speaking with Leopold Babcocke, he will sell various helpful wares and useful items you can find while playing Hogwarts Legacy. One of these items, and easily the most expensive, is the Sky Scythe Broom. It’s not cheap, and it will cost you 5,000 Galleons. Given that most of the items in Hogwarts Legacy cost nowhere close to this, saving up for this broom is your best option. We recommend selling any of your old gear as often as possible to make sure you acquire enough money or loot any nearby treasure vaults you can find while exploring outside of Hogwarts.

When you have enough money, return to Leopold to purchase the broom. You can revisit him anytime, so don’t feel too much pressure to add this premium broom to your inventory and zip around the map with it.