Where to find eggs in Genshin Impact


Eggs are an important resource in Genshin Impact and are used in many different recipes throughout the game. Eggs can be found in all areas of the game and will appear in bird’s nests on trees, or at the top of buildings.

Eggs don’t really have a fixed spawn location and are one of those resources that players should be gathering up every time they see it, as it is quite important.

There are two places that are quite good to check for eggs if players find themselves in need, as eggs seem to spawn there quite a lot. The first location is on the roof of the buildings in Mondstadt. There can often be eggs up there, and it seems to be a way to make life a little easier for newer players as they begin the game in Mondstadt.

The second area is north of Dihua Marsh and south of Stone Gate, in Liyue. This area has plenty of trees, so bird’s nests seem to spawn here quite a bit.

Players who find themselves desperately in need of bird eggs can purchase them by visiting Draff, the head of the Hunters, at Springvale. You can only buy 10 eggs a day, and you will need to get there while the sun is up as Draff gets too drunk to sell items at night.