Where to find Egor’s data in the Lost in Transmission quest in Deathloop

Scattered signals.

Image via Arkane Studios

The Lost in Transmission quest in Deathloop will send players in pursuit of Egor. You will discover that while you do need to kill Egor, you need to first get through the cold and dangerous area that he inhabits. The first thing to do is take out the guards directly ahead when you load into the tunnels.

From there, head down into the bunker, but you will need to be very careful about traps. Egor’s area is filled with mines, trip lines, sensors, and turrets, so slowly make your way through the tunnels and rooms, taking out the traps and hacking any turrets your find.

It is pretty easy to just keep following the waypoints and moving forwards, but things get a little more confusing when you get outside again and find Egor’s base. Egor can turn invisible and will use this to his advantage, so you will need to be quite careful.

After you find his base, you will need to find his data. On the ground floor, around the back of the base, you will find a room that you can get inside with a map on the wall. The data you need is a small sheet of paper attached to the bottom of the map.

Interact with the sheet of paper, then you are free to take out Egor if you can. He is armed with a Slab that will allow him to go invisible, so it’s a good idea to set up the machine on the roof that will interfere with Slab use so that he cannot sneak up on you. We also recommend bringing a Sniper Rifle, as that way you can safely pick off Egor from a distance when he pops into vision.