Where to find Eva Levante in Destiny 2

Everyone’s favorite grandma.

Image via Bungie

Eva Levante is a popular and much sought-after character in Destiny 2. The favorite grandma of Guardians everywhere, Eva arrives when events are underway, and will often have quests, bounties, and goodies for players.

Eva can be found in the main courtyard and is always just in front of the main spawn area in the Tower. She will be surrounded by different items and decorations, depending on which event is active, The Dawning or the Festival of the Lost.

Normally to begin either event all you need to do is log in and speak with Eva and she will give you a quest to start you on your way. She is always found in the same place in the courtyard, but will only be there during an active event.

When an event is not live, you will not be able to find Eva and she will not be present in the tower. During the Dawning event, players will need to complete recipes for different cookies by using a variety of different ingredients they can find throughout the game. Once you have all the ingredients, you can cook them in your oven and then bring the finished cookie to a specific NPC that will only accept that type of cookie.