Where to find Froakie in Pokémon Go

Where can you find it?

Image via Niantic

The Kalos Pokémon have made their way to Pokémon Go, and Froakie, the Water-type starter is among them. It’s one of the many favorited Pokémon for trainers who wanted to evolve it to its final form, Greninja. While Greninja’s stats are not the best, it still serves as a great Pokémon to add to your collection. The initial release for the Kalo Pokémon has been a bit rocky, and some trainers are struggling to locate Froakie, along with Fletchling. Where can you increase your chances of finding it?

Froakie is a Water-type Pokémon. It has a maximum CP of 992, an attack of 108, a defense of 78, and a stamina of 107. It’s probably not a Pokémon you want to use in the Great League, but it could serve a purpose in its base form in the Little League, which features Pokémon with a maximum of 500 CP. To find Froakie, you want to look more toward water-based areas and walk along locations with rivers, streams, lakes, or even a beach. If you closer in-land and don’t have too many water sources nearby, you might catch a break if it starts to rain.

Some of the Kalos Pokémon, upon their initial release, were proving a bit difficult to spawn due to some issues regarding trainers using lures. There had been a glitch where if a Pokémon spawned in because of a lure, and that trainer clicked it on their screen, it would cause the Pokémon Go application to freeze, forcing them to restart it. As such, Niantic support has prevented Kalos Pokémon from reacting to lures, so you’re better off wandering around your neighborhood to find them or to use incense on your trainer.

If you capture enough Froakie candy, you can eventually evolve it into Greninja, the Water and Dark-type Pokémon. While we listed out its best moveset, unfortunately, it falls a little short in the Great and Ultra Leagues because of its mediocre stats.