Where to find Frogs in Genshin Impact

Catch these critters and boost your damage.

Image via HoYoverse

Genshin Impact has a ton of different collectibles that you can collect in the game, used for various purposes such as ingredients in cooking or materials for character ascension. One of these collectibles is Frogs, which you can use as a crafting ingredient for a variety of different items in the game.

You’ll find Frogs spread out throughout Mondstadt and Liyue. They are more commonly found in the latter, especially near bodies of water. There are 101 Frogs you can farm in Genshin Impact, which will refresh every few days.

Frog locations in Genshin Impact

Mondstadt Locations

Here is a map of where you can find Frogs in Mondstadt.

Liyue Locations

Here is a map of where you can Frogs in Liyue.

What are Frogs used for in Genshin Impact?

Frogs are a common item found through Teyvat, in Mondstadt and Liyue, and are used in several crafting recipes. You’ll mostly be incorporating these items as ingredients for crafting items.

Flaming Essential Oilx1 Frog
x1 Flaming Flower Stamen
x100 Mora
Shocking Essential Oilx1 Frog
x1 Electro Crystal
x100 Mora
Straight Shooter (x20)x1 Flaming Flower Stamen
x1 Frog
Streaming Essential Oilx1 Frog
x1 Lotus Head
x100 Mora
Unmoving Essential Oilx1 Frog
x1 Cor Lapis
x100 Mora
Special Unmoving Essential Oilx2 Frog
x2 Cor Lapis
x0 Mora

These Oils are used to increase Elemental DMG of whoever you use them on. The Flaming Essential Oil increases Pyro DMG, the Shocking Essential Oil increases Electro DMG, the Streaming Essential Oil increases Hydro DMG, while the Unmoving Essential Oil increases Geo DMG. Straight Shooters are a consumable Gadget used previously the Midsummer Island Adventure event, which dealt Pyro DMG to a single opponent. (This item may see a return in future re-runs.)

These Oils are useful for dealing higher damage in the overworld. However, you cannot use this Oils in certain instances such as the Spiral Abyss. These items are still useful if you use them in the overworld, however.

Once you exhaust yourself of Frogs in your realm, don’t forget that you can wait a few days for them to reappear. Collectible items in the overworld will refresh every few days, so you’ll be able to return to your regular farming route once some time passes. That’s all you need to know about farming Frogs in Genshin Impact. Collect as many of these as you can for dealing strong Elemental DMG.