Where to find Inhibitors in Dying Light 2 Stay Human

Get a little boost to your system.

Image via Techland

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Inhibitors are the lone way to increase your health and stamina in Dying Light 2 Stay Human. Both stats will be crucial to your success in the open world, so you will want to find as many of these as possible. In total, there are 126 you can come across. Here is how to find Inhibitors in Dying Light 2 Stay Human.

Inhibitors are scattered in various areas of Villedor. While a large majority are found in the open world, some are exclusive to story missions. As you walk around, the GRE device will notify you when you are within 50 meters of an Inhibitor. Walk in various directions while going up and down to make the distance go down. If you are within ten meters and don’t see the chest, use your Survivor Sense and you can see the chest through walls and floors.

We recommend holding off on actively hunting Inhibitors in the open world until you have completed the story mission “Broadcast.” You will be able to activate radio towers after this which will show the location of Inhibitors on your world map when you zoom in. This will make tracking down all the Inhibitors a breeze in the late game.

The most abundant places to find Inhibitors are in GRE Quarantine areas. You have to first climb to the top of these buildings and work your way back down from the inside. You will want to only enter these areas at night time so you don’t have to deal with Volatiles. Sneak through each floor and follow the yellow cords to locate the Inhibitor chests in locked rooms that require your locking. Each Quarantine area has four inhibitors inside.