Where to find Ipe’s Lost Charm in Genshin Impact – Secret Tsurumi Island quest

A helping hand.

After players have completed the full Through the Mists questline on Tsurumi Island in Genshin Impact, they will find some small changes on the island. Players who travel to the waypoint near Chirai Shrine and look at the sea beside it will notice a huge new fishing area has appeared.

Cast a line and catch any fish and a spirit called Ipe will appear. Ipe wants help and has lost a charm that was very important to them. It’s up to you to track down the charm, and luckily we already have that done.

Make your way to the area shown on the map above. It is near a small, wooden pier to the southwest of Autake Plains. When they arrive there, players will need to use their Peculiar Pinion on the statue of the bird, which will reveal another fishing spot.

Start fishing here and keep going until you catch a fish, and the charm. This may take some time, and you might run out of fish. If this happens, use the close to change the time of day to the opposite half of the cycle to respawn the fish. Eventually, you will catch the charm.

When this happens, make your way back to the place where you found Ipe near the Chirai Shrine and speak with them to finish up the quest. A new chest will spawn nearby when you do, so make sure you loot it for your rewards.